how to make a refrigerator work in a cold garage

If you live in places where, at times of the year, there is snow everywhere and you have a refrigerator in an unheated garage, chances are that the freezer will stop cooling and your food will get thawed out. Which is, obviously, a huge problem, especially if you store a lot of food in the freezer.

This problem seems counter-intuitive, but in really cold weather, the compressor in your fridge won’t be triggered like normal. It may come on in short bursts and the like, but since it’s really cold, the refrigerator will think that it has reached the required temperature. So the freezer stops working as normal and the food thaws out.

Installing a heating kit(refrigerator heating coil) to your refrigerator

To try and resolve this common problem, manufacturers started producing heating kits that you can install in your garage refrigerator that will help them work in temperatures as low as 34°F. This is a valid solution but it comes with its pros and cons.

Pros: Adding a heating kit to your refrigerator will help the freezer continue working and keep your food cold.

Cons: Since the heating kit is heating the unit, your electrical bills will go up. Depending on your 

Adding a Stick-on heat pad

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Inserting an incandescent light bulb

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Cleaning out the refrigerator

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Insulating Your Garage Better


Getting a fridge that can work in the severe cold

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